Little Miss H- Turns One | Minneapolis St. Paul Children’s Photographer












One year old’s are so much fun! So easily distracted too! They are busy, quick little things that make my job oh so much fun! I loved all of my sessions with Miss H this past year, and this one was especially amazing. She is such a sweetheart, and I picked her up every chance I got . She especially LOVED the water, and we all enjoyed her reaction to it! If we let her I am sure she would have taken a little swim! Thank you so much little one!

Little Miss A : Minneapolis St. Paul Children’s Photography



I’ve been taking pictures of this little one since she was 18 months old. It has been such a delight to see her each year. She is absolutely beautiful! Last year she wasn’t interested one bit with having her photos taken, but this year despite her sweet shyness she looked straight into my lens. Making me almost die from her cuteness! I love images that show a child’s true personality. ┬áMy favorite photos are the ones of her on the swing! So pretty!

The “L” Family: Minneapolis St. Paul Family Photographer




As my fall season nears to an end this year, the sessions are getting colder and colder, but all of my families are amazing and willing to stick it out with each other for some fabulous pictures. I have to say that this session won the prize for the coldest session this year yet, but they did great despite the wind and  chill in the air. Helps that they genuinely love each other and LOVE being together. I just love capturing families at their stage in life. It is busy, and crazy and fun!

The “K” Family : Minneapolis St. Paul Family Photographer

Oh it was so much fun to see and photograph this family again! The last time was the day this little boy was born! I couldn’t believe he had gotten so big! He was cute as could be, but really wasn’t feeling himself, poor bubba. Those cute little over alls used to be belong to his Daddy- how precious! His big sister was as charming as ever! I just love all of her sweet antics, and those eyes belong to her Mama! So beautiful! I can’t wait to see you guys again!