The M Family| Minneapolis St. Paul Lifestyle Photography


This post is WAY over due! The M family is awesome.  I met Cate about seven years ago at a Mom’s group at our church-  we were paired up together to walk around Lake Calhoun and I fell in love with her sweet disposition, and down to earth personality. Over the years we have stayed friends, praying for each other, and encouraging each other over many stages of life. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her! I am so thankful for her and her sweet family .

I asked Cate if I could come over one evening for a lifestyle session. I wanted to capture the heart of her family without giving any direction at all.   We had such a great night despite being attacked by a mob of mosquitos ! It was so fun to be a quiet observer of their family dynamics, and I just love how telling this collection of images are. How fun is it that they were doing cartwheels in the backyard as Daddy grilled?  And the images of them cuddling before bed? Oh melt my heart!

I have already begun incorporating more lifestyle images in my family sessions but it is a style that I would like to give more focus to. I love styled photos- but there is just something so special about capturing a family just as they are. Contact me at if this is something you are interested in and Id love to talk to you more about it!

Thank you so much M Family! I love the five of you so much!

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